Board of Directors



Mike Bossman


State Executive Director

Laura Schenk



Mackenzie McKeithan Jensen


Membership Chair

Colby Shuck


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy Chair

David Berberick


Choral Chair

Rebecca Rasmussen


Orchestra Chair

Kim Bogart

Orchestra Chair-Elect

Laura Wilsey


Elementary Honor Choir Chair

Tabitha Unruh

Elementary Honor Choir Chair-Elect

Miranda Mack


Daniel Eye


Conference Chair

Kim Bruguier



Heather Nelson


South Dakota Musician Magazine Editor

Molly Manchester


Middle School General/Vocal Music Chair

Julie Fastnacht


Retired Education Chair

Char Cade


Middle School Band Chair

Julie Berger

Middle School Band Chair-Elect

Holly Gage


Elementary Festival Choir Chair

Tara Hahn

Elementary Festival Choir Chair-Elect

Cheryl Tatro

Past President

Bethany Amundson



Laura Schenk


Awards Chair

Erin McFarland


Collegiate Chair

David Sanderson


Tri-M Chair

Mackenzie McKeithan Jensen


Retired Education Chair

Char Cade


Band Chair

Ellie Kenkel

Band Chair-Elect

Joel Van Peursem